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JCM Custom Fabricated All 304 Stainless Steel Wye with Van Stone Flanges

JCM Industries, a leading manufacturer of pipe repair, connection and branching fittings, manufactures custom designed and fabricated products to meet the demands of the piping industry. Decades of engineering experience and product application enables JCM to provide immediate solutions for a variety of problems. The following case study is an example of the type of assistance JCM has provided in unusual and exotic situations.


  • Hawaii – Raw pineapple processing plant
  • 16″ Nominal Pipe Size Piping System
  • Processing system pressure fluctuations


Raw pineapple processing plant included a PVC “Wye” fitting within the system. Continued system fluctuations and working pressures caused stress induced cracks and eventual failure of the fitting. Facility install a second PVC fitting and after a period of time, experienced the same fatigue and failure.


Distributor contacted JCM Industries and discussed the application and the demands that the pipeline system experienced through continual operation. JCM submitted the design of the fabricated stainless steel fitting with matching dimensions of the PVC fitting to retrofit into the pipe system. The strong, yet light weight stainless steel delivered the solution to the persistent problem. The durable fabrication of the 304 stainless steel offered sanitary, corrosion resistance for the facility and the permanent solution to the problem. To aid the retrofit of this fitting, JCM incorporated “Van Stone” flanges on the connection outlets. These flanges overlap a backing flange face welded to the fitting and allow the flange to rotate on the outlet neck. This allowed the installation technicians to turn the flanges to meet up with the existing host flange bolt pattern.

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