114 Fabricated Mechanical Joint Repair Sleeve



Fabricated sleeve custom built for application pipe repairs cast iron bells, split or leaking coupling and weld joints, or straight runs of pipe without costly shutdown or disruption to critical service. By implementing a split fabricated mechanical joint design, the JCM 114 prevents costly down time and service disruption. JCM incorporates the True Mechanical Joint Design – heavy fabricated steel body and pusher gland construction prevents the warpage and distortion experienced by repair sleeves using the split steel coupling designs.

Custom Built For Specific Application – this versatile mechanical joint fitting is built to meet the specific requirements of special applications. Eliminates lost time due to field or factory modifications. Built of lightweight, yet strong material, the 114 sleeves are ideal for installations where strength, weight and continued service are critical. The reduced weight of high strength steel aids in installation and handling as well as minimizing weight load on the pipe.

Available in Two Styles – the 114 MJ Split Repair Sleeve for use on straight runs of pipe and the 114 MJ Bell Repair Sleeve which is fabricated to accommodate the specific dimensions of the bell, collar orcoupling to be repaired. All 304 or 316 Stainless Steel available.



Repair Temporary/Permanent Repair Pipe In Service

  • Splits
  • Holes
  • Failed MJ joints, fittings or couplings
  • Cracked/Broken Pipe Joints