143 Bell Joint Leak Clamp 14″ and Larger – Cast Iron, Ductile Iron and C-905



JCM 143 Fabricated Large Diameter Bell Joint Leak Clamps are a split, bolt on design solution for leaking cast iron and ductile iron bell joint connections. The fabricated steel sections bolt together for ease of installation and compress the furnished gasket into the bell/spigot joint to positively seal off leakage.

These fittings can be installed under pressure and are suitable for various pipe content including: air, water, chemical, and other fluid transmission applications.

Easy to install, the JCM 143 Fabricated Bell Joint Leak Clamps can be designed and manufactured to accommodate oversized, undersized, out-of-round and other exotic pipe conditions.


Repair Temporary/Permanent:

  • Especially Recommended for Large Diameter Pipe, High Working Pressures
  • Leaking Bell Spigot Joints