472 Flanged Outlet Tapping Sleeve



Built-in benefits make these heavy fabricated steel sleeves increasingly popular for making larger taps on all types of pipe.

By placing the design emphasis on eliminating problems inherent with older pipe and field installations, JCM Fabricated Tapping Sleeves have taken the complexity out of tapping or branching

  • Built in range accommodates pipe industry tolerances and non-standard pipe diameters.
  • Ease of assembly eliminates extra equipment, time and specially trained personnel.
  • Ready availability – taps can be made without long delays – even taps on special sizes of pipe – or
    services requiring high pressure flanges.
  • Direct reinforcement of the pipe – eliminates flexing or deflection of pipe opposite the tap.
  • Large gasket cross section set in retaining cavity provides a positive initial seal which increases
    with increases in line pressure.
  • Heavy steel sleeve with built-in range reinforces pipe – eliminates deflection possibility.
  • Most important, JCM Fabricated Tapping Sleeves assure a safe dependable tap.