JCM Industrial Fittings

Industrial Pipe Tapping & Branching

JCM manufactures a specific collection of tapping and branching fittings for industrial piping applications. This diversity enables JCM to provide the exact fitting needed for the application parameters. Modifications to existing industrial pipelines for expansion of service, access to the interior of the pipeline and installation of other pipeline appurtenances can be accomplished quickly and safely with JCM branching products. Hot tapping an existing pipeline allows for continuous service without shutdown or service interruptions, contains line contents, prevent infiltration, purging and sanitizing.

For unique and challenging applications, JCM provides custom built designs to complete the project. Tapping Sleeves and Outlets can be engineered to accommodate limited space challenges, position taps for horizontal or vertical installation and compensate for angled outlets.

From tapped outlets from 3/4” up through size on size outlets, JCM has the right solution for the challenge. JCM provides Tapping Sleeves for critical process piping applications for chemical plants, refineries, power plants, manufacturing plants, gas lines, paper mills and other facilities in which system shutdown is not an option.

Branching/Tapping Fitting inquiries require the following data to determine the proper fittings:

  • Type of pipe
  • Size of pipe
  • Type of application (threaded outlet, flanged outlet, plain end)
  • Line content (type and any temperature extremes)
  • Working/test pressure requirements and line content
  • Pipeline environment

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