JCM Industrial Fittings

Pipe Connection Products

Applications to join plain end pipe, replace piping materials and inserting appurtenances in industrial pipelines requires the proper fitting, delivered on time. Routine pipeline maintenance and inspection are critical to maintain safe operations in the industrial environment. Planned service repairs and connections can be completed with everyday maintenance. JCM Industries can provide fabrications per ASME B31.1, B31.3, B 31.4, B31.8, B31.9 and other code work upon request. Product recommendations are dependent upon the parameters of the application and the end user service requirements.

Connection Fitting inquiries require the following data to determine the proper fittings:

  • Type of pipe
  • Size of pipe
  • Type of application (joining plain end, installation of valve or other fitting)
  • Line content (type and any temperature extremes)
  • Working/test pressure requirements and line content
  • Pipeline environment

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