600 Restrainers


JCM Sur-Grip Restrainers provide an immediate, reliable method of anchoring pipe to mechanical joint and push-on fittings as well as adding restraint to critical joints. Sur-Grips are designed to provide maximum resistance to surge pressure within the piping system. The supportive circumferential pipe contact and wide serrated inside surface provides the gripping action to properly restrain the joint, preventing pipe separation.

JCM Sur-Grip design criteria include:

    • Wide serrated area, distributes restraint load over a large pipe surface to prevent point loading of pipe.
    • Proper installation of JCM Sur-Grip Restrainer provides for placement away from the critical pipe end and allows mechanical joint fittings to function as their design specifies.
    • Sur-Grip Restrainers can be used in all soil types. Weak and unstable soil conditions are overcome by JCM Sur-Grips. Special coatings and bolts are available for aggressive and acidic soils.

JCM Sur-Grip Restrainers by model:

    • 610 Sur-Grip Fitting Restrainer for C-900 PVC,IPS PVC, Ductile Iron Pipe
    • 620 Sur-Grip Bell Joint Restrainer for C-900 PVC, IPC PVC, Ductile Iron Pipe
    • 610 Sur-Grip Fitting Restrainer for C-905 PVC, HDPE
    • 611 Sur-Grip Restrainer Fabricated for C-905 PVC, HDPE
    • 612 Sur-Grip (Bell) Joint Restrainer for C-905 PVC, HDPE
    • 630 Asbestos Cement Fitting Restrainer
    • 631 Asbestos Cement Coupling Restrainer