230 /231 Stainless Steel HDPE Stiffeners


JCM HDPE Pipe Stiffeners are designed to support the interior wall of HDPE for critical pipe joining applications. Recommended for all pipe end connections utilizing mechanical bolt-on fittings, the JCM Pipe Stiffeners support the pipe’s end and controls the “necking down” reaction to the pressure applied during normal installation of fittings used in pipe joining applications.

The JCM HDPE Pipe Stiffeners are formed of stainless steel, 304 or 316 material, to the actual inside pipe diameter provided by the customer. This accurate formation provides for ease of installation and maintains the proper outside diameter for a successful, trouble free application that provides long-term service. JCM Pipe Stiffeners are available for Steel Size and Ductile Iron Size HDPE in SDR11,13.5, 17,21, 26, 32.5