132 All Stainless Universal Clamp Coupling – Extended Range



All stainless steel construction. Universal clamp couplings with multi-band construction. Repair fittings accommodate larger range of pipe within the same nominal pipe size. JCM 132 Extended Range/MultiBand clamps are designed to accommodate the working characteristics of large diameter pipe. In the repair applications to large diameter pipe, there are several factors to be considered to maintain pipe integrity and return to 100% service capacity.

Factors which are critical to the application include: size and type of pipe, severity of damage, working pressure or service requirements, location or repair and time factor. JCM All Stainless Steel Universal Clamp Couplings are available for emergency shipment in a variety of material Clamp Couplings working pressure capabilities are directly related to the parameters of the application; for specific product recommendation and submittal, contact JCM Technical and Engineered Sales Team.

Suitable for these types of damage:




Repair Temporary/Permanent:

  • Breaks
  • Cracks
  • Splits
  • Holes
  • Corroded Areas, Holes
  • Connection of Plain End Pipe