101 Universal Clamp Couplings – Standard Range



For immediate repair, temporary or permanent, of breaks, cracks, splits, corroded areas and similar types of pipeline damage. The full circumferential gasket provides a fluid tight seal on the full circumference of the pipe preventing leaking or infiltration. The stainless steel band conforms to the contour of the pipe and provides gasket compression to flat and uneven pipe exteriors.

Heavy duty bolting unit provides an efficient transfer of bolt toque energy to the stainless band and gasket to seal leaks and damage immediately. JCM Universal Clamp Couplings are available for emergency shipment in a variety of material combinations and sizes for specific applications.

JCM Universal Clamp Couplings working pressure capabilities are directly related to the parameters of the application, for specific product recommendation and submittal, contact JCM Technical and Engineering Sales Team.


  • Breaks
  • Cracks
  • Split
  • Holes
  • Corroded Areas
  • Connection of Plain End Pipe