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JCM Industries, a leading manufacturer of pipe repair, connection and branching fittings, manufactures custom designed and fabricated products to meet the demands of the piping industry. Decades of engineering experience and product application enables JCM to provide immediate solutions for a variety of problems. The following case study is an example of the type of assistance JCM has provided in unusual and exotic situations.


  • Upper Northeast USA, Refinery Facility
  • 30″ Cast Iron Pipe, Tapping Procedure to access the pipe interior for condition assessment


Refinery facility required a tapping procedure to be performed on aged 30" Cast Iron Pipe. Due to the pipe’s time in service and direct exposure to the elements, its integrity to withstand the rigorous process of the tapping procedure was in question. The pipe surface at the tap location was corroded, rusted and in an advanced oxidized state. Because the of the pipe surface, condition and irregularities, technicians contacted JCM Engineered and Technical Sales to discuss the application and installation of the JCM 472 Stainless Steel Top Seal Tapping Sleeve. In response to the critical nature of the application (location, time, importance), JCM staff traveled to the job site to assist the tapping contractor.


Field technicians thoroughly assessed the pipe surface condition and hoop strength reliability. After confirming the trustworthiness of the pipe, on-site technicians performed special external pipe preparation at the outlet site to provide the flat, even sealing surface for the sleeve gasket. This preparation was essential for the success of the application as the sleeve gasket must have full contact on the pipe wall to provide the proper seal. The cast iron pipe wall was determined to be sound and the sleeve was bolted onto the pipe and fasteners were torqued in excess of 150-foot pounds for each fastener unit.

The tapping equipment was connected to the sleeve and the process was performed without further incident. The tapped pipe “coupon” was retrieved for testing and assessment.

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