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JCM Industries has set the standard for emergency response in the fittings industry through reliable and reactive service to the customer’s needs. Unplanned industrial and plant operation downtime is costly (beyond imagination) and JCM understands that getting systems back online and in production is vital.

As a provider for emergency fittings, our response team activates 24/7/365 to ensure that our industrial customers stay online and in most cases reduce pipe repair downtime.


  • Worldwide chemical processing facility located in the Eastern U.S.
  • 60″ Cast Iron Pipe (Pipe O.D. 63.50)
  • Line Content: water @ 150 PSI working pressure


(3) Leaking Bell Spigot Joints – on a 60″ Cast Iron raw water intake line into the large chemical processing plant. The challenge to the customer was a method of repairing these joints without shutting down the system or taking the line out of service. Once the the gasket in these types of joints suffers from weakening (due to age or damage), the constant flow and varying fluctuations within the system will continue to strike at that area and it will eventually fail. Leaking joints of this size encounter several obstacles for repair, and JCM has the solution for overcoming those barriers – in a timely fashion.


The JCM 143 Fabricated Bell Joint Leak Clamp – fabrication allows the fitting to be built to specific pipe dimensions, accommodates adjustments for constrained space limitations and can be produced in a matter of hours in an emergency situation.

JCM 143 Fabricated Bell Joint Leak Clamp 011215

JCM received the phone call from the customer early Friday afternoon laying out the application parameters of the type and size of pipe, joint dimensions, working pressure and time constraints. JCM provided product engineering data, drawings and concept to the customer/end user. After the pipe information was confirmed, JCM received the order late Friday afternoon. The customer expressed the critical nature of repairing the joints and instructed JCM to move into emergency status for fabrication and shipment of the fittings. The chemical company scheduled a chartered cargo jet to arrive at the Texarkana Regional Airport on Sunday morning to transport the fittings to the chemical plant location. Friday night our production schedulers pulled in an emergency manufacturing team for Saturday production of the three fittings. Through the day and late into Saturday night they fabricated and coated the fittings and prepared them for shipment. With the knowledge that these would be loaded onto a jet, our engineers designed the clamps to fit the cargo dimensions and our experienced material handlers packaged the 60″ fittings and hardware in such a way that they would easily load into the cargo bay of the aircraft.

On Sunday morning at approximately 4:30 a.m., JCM staff were waiting at the airport with the shipment and watched the arrival of the aircraft. They assisted loading and securing the cargo of the three fittings quickly and without problems. The pilots arranged to refuel the jet and then left for the Eastern portion of the United States.

JCM-143-6350-Emergency-2-TE JCM-143-6350-Emergency-TE

It is this type of fast action response  that has made JCM the leader in pipe repair, connection and branching fittings. Keep JCM in mind the next time your process pipelines require immediate attention.

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