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JCM 6114 All 316 Stainless Steel Mechanical Joint Repair Sleeve for Saltwater Application

After a successful installation of the permanent repair fitting the unit was stabilized with sandbags and "topped" with layers of gravel and stainless steel armored mats to protect the pipeline area.

JCM Industries, a leading manufacturer of pipe repair, connection and branching fittings, manufactures custom designed and fabricated products to meet the demands of the piping industry. Decades of engineering experience and product application enables JCM to provide immediate solutions for a variety of problems. The following case study is an example of the type of assistance JCM has provided in unusual and exotic situations.


  • Pipeline to Sullivan’s Island, from mainland City of Charleston, South Carolina
  • 24” IPS sized High Density Polyethylene Pipe
  • Underwater – depth of pipeline approximately 24’ – 26’
  • Approximately 70 PSI Working Pressure
  • Potable Water


HDPE pipeline providing water to island, installed and submerged under channel. Polyethylene pipe fused joint failed – after pipe was installed and put in service. A temporary repair, using available products located at local warehouse was completed. Public utility needed permanent, under pressure repair solution to be installed underwater, by dive technicians without disruption to service to island.


As a temporary repair, Charleston Public Works used a JCM 432 Stainless Steel (304, full gasket) Tapping Sleeve (with blind flange on outlet, water service) as a repair fitting and JCM 610 Restrainers (carbon steel, epoxy coated) to prevent movement of the pipe and further damage to the leaking joint area.


Through consultation with Charleston Public Works Staff and JCM Industries Engineered & Technical Services, it was evident that the temporary repair assembly should remain in place to prevent any additional damage to the fused joint area or infiltration to the potable pipeline. The permanent repair fitting would be engineered to encapsulate (go over) the installed modified "repair sleeve" and restrainers. The temporary "repair" tapping sleeve is constructed of 304 stainless steel and has limited life expectancy in flowing (current) saltwater environment. The restrainers used are carbon steel with a fusion applied epoxy coating and alloy hardware that also furnished a short expectancy in saltwater.

It was determined that the JCM 6114 Mechanical Joint Repair Sleeve – fabricated of all 316 stainless steel (suitable for saltwater) – was the most suitable permanent repair fitting. The fitting would be restrained with fabricated restrainers also constructed of 316L stainless steel material with 316L stainless hardware; gaskets are EPDM material (for chloramine treated line content application). The 6114 was designed with a “top hat” section that would enclose the “repair” tapping sleeve outlet area and was built with a length that housed the entire temporary repair assembly (sleeve and restrainers). The 316 stainless restrainers were installed to restrainer the fitting on the pipe and to stabilize the pipe sections.

To ensure a timely installation of the fittings, JCM Engineered and Technical Sales staff traveled to Charleston and assisted Charleston Public Works with a “mock” installation on a scrap piece of pipe prior to actual installation. This rehearsal of the installation steps allowed dive technicians to determine tools skills and equipment required for the low visibility, underwater installation.

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